How does Morocco produce high-quality avocados for export?

How does Morocco produce high-quality avocados for export?

How does Morocco produce high-quality avocados for export?

Avocado is one of the most popular fruits worldwide with a growing demand on the international market. Morocco is known for its wide variety of fruit and vegetables. This makes the country an interesting player in the avocado market.


According to MAVA 'Moroccan Avocado Association stated, more than 33,000 tons exported during the 2020/2021, Morocco is now positioned as the 10th exporter of this tropical fruit worldwide. 


One of the most advantages that made Moroccan avocado export thrive is its geographical proximity with Europe. Let’s find out how Morocco was able to compete in this fruit market.


What leads to quality avocados in Morocco?


While most countries export avocados in the summer and fall, avocado importers rely on Morocco for a consistent supply year-round. Also, Morocco’s climate and soil are in the perfect condition to produce top notch tropical fresh produce. 


But behind the success of exporting this tropical fruit in Morocco are certified export companies, solid chain processes, dedicated teams and wary farmers that are attentive to every detail and Unique Packing is the exporter who strives to make a difference. 


Before exporting any avocado, Moroccan avocado exporters should comply with international fruit regulations and requirements such as The Global GAP. 


How do we grow high quality moroccan avocado for export?


As Moroccan avocado exporter, Unique Packing must get everything right from strict global standards to quality hygiene.To us, it is more than just growing the best fruit, everything from the soil to the sorting process is taken very seriously in order to maintain the quality of our avocados.


By adhering to exact sorting practices and strict post harvest protocols, we are able to export more than 200 trucks per year. 


Sorting and post harvesting avocado 


With strict post-harvest measures to ship only the best, we handle our produce with care and precision.This is why we have placed a systematic process of sorting, handling, packaging,palletizing and shipping of our produce from the north of the Moroccan kingdom. 


Precooling & Shipping


Cold storage maintains the optimal temperature for eight hours before export, which is why we ensure that our customers receive the best juicy, residue-free avocados available.